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Lawyers Gyan mission is to create a professional and healthy environment for the law students and professionals who want to avail the opportunities available for them like internships, moots, jobs, seminars, call for papers, etc. We the team of Lawyers Gyan have pledged to serve the legal professionals and everyone associated with it.

We want to make the law accessible to all. This online platform has been established and started to impart basic legal knowledge to everyone. This platform is open to all to read and write and anyone can share their views, thoughts and legal facts, which will be accessible to all. (Due recognition will be given to the author).

About Campus Ambassador Program-

Lawyers Gyan is launching the Campus Ambassador Program to widen their reach to colleges, universities and students through Campus Ambassadors.

Lawyers Gyan needed to nurture talent and provide opportunities for Law students to learn more than what they currently do in the classroom. As a Lawyers Gyan Campus Ambassador, you will be part of our team and will get an opportunity to work with a leading start-up, learn new skills, be innovative, get rewarded for it and recognition will be provided to the talent.

 Be our “voice” on your Campus

If you are a passionate individual with ambitious dreams and would like to work with Lawyers Gyan, then the “Lawyers Gyan Campus Ambassador Programme” could be the right break for you. It is a platform where you can make a difference by contributing, but at the same time enhance your skills & expertise.

Things to do as a Campus Ambassador-

  • MANDATORY: Provide regular updates on campus happenings and share events with Lawyers Gyan like Moot Court, Seminar, Conferences, Essay competitions, Debate Competitions, Workshops, Competitions, etc.
  • MANDATORY: Submit Internship Experience of the Students. Encourage Law Students to Share Internship Experience with Lawyers Gyan under the head of “Internship Experience at …”.
  • MANDATORY: Circulate our blogs, events, ads, posters and videos through Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • NOT MANDATORY: Conduct interviews of Dean, Director, Principal, Faculty of your Law Institution. You will be given recognition for the same.
  • NOT MANDATORY: Conduct interviews of eminent legal luminaries visiting your law faculty, the guests arriving at your campus etc. for the purpose of publication on the interview section of You will be given recognition for the same.
  • It is a chance for you to develop your writing, professional, communication and leadership skills.
  • You will have the opportunity of getting your Articles and Research Papers published on Lawyers Gyan.
  • Write Articles related to any current law topic- news, cases, judgements etc.
  • Make suggestions for the growth of Lawyers Gyan(If any).
  • Collect feedback about Lawyers Gyan from your faculty, students etc.


6 Months or One Year, the estimated time commitment is approximately 5-6 hours a week.


  • Student (From any School/ College/ University)
  • Self Motivated;
  • A desire to work with students of your school;
  • Good Communication Skills;
  • Good writing skills and impeccable grammar expected.
  • Excitement to work;
  • Quick Lerner;
  • Problem solver.


  • Certificate of Appreciation will be provided which will strengthen your CV.
  • Letter of Recommendation will be given which will boost your chances for scholarships and better job opportunities.
  • Lawyers Gyan Online Internship Opportunity for you anytime;
  • Get to publish articles and interviews conducted by you on;
  • Recognition of active Campus Ambassador on our website;
  • Enhance your professional development, leadership, and communication skills;
  • Get a chance to expose yourself professionally and build your own network.
  • Many More.


Those who are interested send your CV with One Recent Photograph & College id Card to at [email protected] and CC it to [email protected] and [email protected]

The subject line must be “Applying for Campus Ambassador Program”.

or send us on WhatsApp-


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