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Greetings from Lawyersgyan.

Lawyersgyan was born on 10th August, 2017 with the mission to create a professional and healthy environment for the law students and professionals who want to avail the opportunities available for them like internships, moots, jobs, seminars, call for papers, etc. We the team of Lawyersgyan have pledged to serve the legal professionals and everyone associated with it. The thing about us is that we are hard working people and trying to provide as much knowledge, opportunities to people as we can. Also, we are planning to connect lawyers and professionals across the country soon.

Apart from this, we will update law students, professionals and common people with all the happenings in the nation, law school news, and upcoming competitions. You can quickly grasp the complicated legal principles from reading our blogs, acts and apply the same into your real life.

We are happy to announce ourselves in your service and that being the part of this venture you are welcomed to share your legal article, ask your legal query, submit to draft your case or receive any advice on how to draft memorial.

Our Website is open for all the Law Students, Advocates, and Professionals and also for common people. They can be a part of the Lawyersgyan family.

Thus, we invite you to take maximum advantage of our service namely;

Blogs/ News-

Here, we provide the latest news based on law and articles/ blogs on recent topics of law. Also, a platform for law students to publish there articles and blogs on our website.


Here, we provide- Internship Opportunities, Jobs, Moots Court, Essay Competition, Call for Papers, Seminars, Online Courses, and every other opportunity available for students and professionals.


Here, you can find the landmark judgments and latest judgments to study.

Stories and Interviews-

Here, you can find the inspiring and success stories of the great people and Interviews also.

Report your case-

We provide you legal suggestion and litigation when you report your case to our website. Thereafter, you’ll get in contact with an advocate of your area. Also, we can help you with Legal Drafting- You may submit to draft us your case or get an advice in your memorial drafting.

Submit a Post-

Here, you may submit your legal articles and top hundred legal articles will be rewarded.

Campus Ambassador Program –

We are providing an opportunity for a law student to represent us in their respective college, and promote us and our services by promoting different events organised by his/ her college. Also, complete the assigned work.

Career Advice-

Here, you can ask for any help or direction in your career and life. Also, we have a bunch of articles to guide you.

                                                 “Make the best use of our website.”

DO LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS. Always happy to help and hear from law students and professionals.



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