Media Partnership

At Lawyers Gyan, we promote events that are useful for law students & teachers.

Engage us as a media partner or publicity partner or advertisement to promote your any event related to law students, teachers and professionals.

Lawyers Gyan Media and Publicity Partnership- MOU

All opportunities and events which are FREE for students will be published for FREE on Lawyers Gyan.

However, if you want to expand the reach of your event/ opportunity, you can consider Lawyers Gyan as a:

  • Media & Publicity Partner;
  • Sponsored Post;
  • Advertisement with Lawyers Gyan.

We would be happy to become the Media/ Publicity partner for all the following types of events/ opportunities:

  • Moot Court Competition;
  • Client Counseling Competition;
  • Call for Papers for a Journal;
  • Essay Competition;
  • Writing Competition;
  • Conference/ Seminar/ Webinars/ Workshop;
  • Drafting Competition;
  • MUN/Model Parliament;
  • Quiz;
  • Fest; etc.

Any other similar type of opportunity/event.



  1. We will publish the event and share it among our social media platforms and email subscribers.
  2. The post-update will also be shared on our social media handles.
  3. All our email subscribers will also receive the update.


  1. Mention our Name, Logo, URL(as applicable) on all your Posters, Website, Facebook Page, Banners.
  2. Discount for our network, if possible.

Note: If you want us to cover your event then we would require one media pass covering costs including travel, accommodation, food, registration fee(if any) and other such fees that may be applicable. Lawyers Gyan coverage of the event will be editorially independent. Lawyers Gyan’ coverage of the event will be at our discretion (we may choose to not cover the event) AND editorially independent.

Sponsored Posts:

  • Sponsored post [website + social media]: Rs. 1999/post
  • Sponsored post [website + social media + WhatsApp groups]: Rs. 2999/post
  • Sponsored post [website + social media + WhatsApp groups + Push Notification + Email notification]: Rs. 4999/post

Each Post updates Rs. 999/-.

A sponsored post will be our premium post and we will give more importance & time to such a post.


  • Your Name;
  • Organization Name;
  • Your Designation;
  • Your Email Id;
  • Contact Details;
  • Name of the Event;
  • Do you want to engage us as Media Partner OR publicity partner OR a sponsored post?
  • Your Organization Website Link;
  • What type of event is this?

Please mail us the above details at our email id i.e. and cc to or

or contact on WhatsApp-

Note: All college/university events are published for free on Lawyers Gyan. (NOT in association with a private organization).

Colleges and Universities can also opt for our paid event outreach plans (click here), for extra publicity and branding.

If you are a private player, consider doing a sponsored/paid post on Lawyers Gyan, or opt for an advertisement for your products and services targetted at law students and law graduates.

Advertise with us to reach out to Law Students & Professionals-

If you are organizing event/opportunity FOR PROFIT, please refer to our advertisement plans-



Lawyers Gyan reserved all the rights to accept or reject your proposal.