Legal Challenges in Internet Banking

BLOG- Legal Challenges in Internet Banking

Banking is the development motor of the economy in any country. It provides private organization, government as well as a common man with various facilities that cannot be overseen while talking about the development of a country. With the advancement of technologies and scientific growth in every sector, India has witnessed tremendous growth and banking […]

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Dishonour of Cheque

BLOG- Legal Remedies For Dishonour of Cheque

 What is a cheque? Cheque according to section 6 of negotiable instrument act 1881, a cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand and it includes the electronic image of a truncated cheque and a cheque on an electronic form. A cheque […]

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Consumer Protection

Brief History of Consumer Protection


In recent times one of the most significant areas of economic regulation in all countries has been the adoption of Consumer Protection legislation in a big way. India being a late st…

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Unfair Trade Practices

BLOG- Unfair Trade Practices

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