Core Team

A good team is required for a victory. With the help of the good team, you can face all obstacles easily. Well here is our team:

Pringle Singh: Founder & CEO

Pringle Singh is a Law graduate from Amity University. The idea of Lawyers Gyan came in his mind when he and his friends faced problems in getting their internships and job vacancy so he decided to create his own website that will help law students with their jobs and internships and also with legal news and other activities available for lawyers. He has drafted appeals, RTI, Trademark applications and had published articles on various platforms. He loves to play cricket and Sachin is GOD to him and he likes to watch Hollywood movies, “FRIENDs is LIFE” and listening retro music in his free time, that’s his way to relax. You can reach him at [email protected] and [email protected]. 

Also, you can reach him on social media,

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Rohit Phulara: Social Media & Marketing Head

Rohit Phulara is a B.Com graduate from Lucknow University, After completing his graduation he did a Master’s Degree in PGDM ( Post Graduate Diploma in Management) in Marketing & Finance from the Institute of Technology and Science. His inspirational lines “I Never tried to hide the fact that my only goal is to be the best” he is a die-hard fan of a famous Football Athlete -Cristiano Ronaldo. From the start, his keen interest in social media and digital marketing helps him a lot to make strategies for blogs. He is the head of our social media and is responsible for all the marketing strategies of our blog.

You can reach him at [email protected] & at Linkedin.

Kuldeep Kumar Yadav: Director

Kuldeep Kumar Yadav is a Law graduate from Amity University. He is managing the website and coming up with innovative ideas to reach out to more people to help them and provide justice. You can reach him at [email protected]. His contact number is 7275726500.

You can reach him on social media, Facebook

Shivendra Vikram Singh: Co-Founder 

Shivendra Vikram Singh is a B.Com graduate and studying law from Lucknow University. You can reach him at *** He manages the social media accounts of Lawyersgyan. His Contact Number is 8574544729.

You can reach him on social mediaFacebook.


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