BLOG- Indian justice system has been proved unsuccessful in giving justice to the public

Before independence, the sitting on the village’s Choupal and settled all kinds of mutual disputes. They were able to make all these decisions only with the knowledge of life experience and mutual discussions one can make a decision with their own understanding. But today’s justice system has proved unsuccessful in giving justice to the public […]

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Introduction The institution of law is analysed in terms of two basic terms. These concepts are order and justice. They are indispensable for understanding the formal structure and substantive objective of the law. These concepts and their relationship with each other is discussed further. Order The term order is generally used in describing the formal […]

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No tareek pe tareek anymore

SUPREME COURT- “No tareek pe tareek anymore”, sets 6 month expiry limit on stay orders

The Supreme Court on 28.03.2018 decided that stay arranges by courts will accompany a six-month lapse confine. The Bench while issuing the decision expressed that “Cure isn’t just required in debasement cases yet for all polite and criminal situations where by virtue of stay orders, common and criminal procedures are deferred.” The decision by the […]

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Municipal Corporations and Contractors

BLOG- Need for Higher Degree of Integrity for Judges

Being bound by the Constitution, the Supreme Court does not wish to wash off its hands like Peelathose (Biblical reference) and goes ahead to ensure with respect to the arrangement of a man blamed for moral turpitude despite the fact that he was cleared by the trial Court. Legal, being the final resort for all […]

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