Madras High Court

BREAKING- Madras High Court to restrict it function as 3 judges test positive for coronavirus.

BREAKING NEWS- Madras High Court has decided to restrict its function immediately because 3 judges test positive for coronavirus/ COVID-19. The people connected are sent into quarantine and rest people are being tested and the building is being sanitised to restrict corona spread. All the subordinate courts will also be restricted. The restrictions on the […]

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The coronavirus outbreak forced the SC to resort to the virtual court hearings so that the safety of lawyers, litigants as well as media personnel were not jeopardized, but such hearings will not replace or be the substitute for the physical courts, Supreme Court judge, Justice DY Chandrachud, said this on Sunday. “I want to […]

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Doctrine of Frustration

HC- Delhi HC held Doctrine of Frustration not applicable on Lease Agreements

In a recent judgement, Delhi High Court held that Doctrine of Frustration u/s 56 of Indian Contract Act is not applicable on Lease Agreements. The High Court judgement in the case Ramanand vs Dr Gireesh Soni is based on the precedent laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in various cases, in which SC held […]

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Gradual transformation in outlook of judiciary for women

Once Charles Fourier said “One could judge the degree of civilization of a country by social and political position of its women.” Rightly said but outlook of judiciary for women cannot be ignored. The judges presiding over a bench for dealing cases are not only lamp bearer of a society or are not there just […]

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SUPREME COURT- On Monday will decide if Convicts in 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape Will Hang

The SC on Monday will decide on the appeal of four convicts in the 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape case about the capital punishment. The summit court had in May 2017 maintained capital punishment against the four in the 2012 case that shook the country. The Delhi High Court had granted Akshay, Pawan, Vinay Sharma and […]

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Ban on Crackers

Ban on Crackers: Looking into the Hon’ble Courts Decision which came out near Diwali last year

Ban on Crackers by Supreme Court of India- The Apex Court in a case banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi NCR. This decision was questioned by many on the ground that it violates their right to livelihood, and freedom of religion. All fundamental rights are subject to certain reasonable restrictions. Thus, by this article, […]

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Doctrine of Precedent

BLOG- The Doctrine of Precedent: An Overview

In every legal system, there exists a judicial organ. The main function of the judicial organ is to adjudicate disputes between the parties. It is the judges who interpret the law laid down by the legislature, and give decisions accordingly. Thus, the previous decisions and judgements play a significant role in the Indian Legal System. […]

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What is a PIL – What every citizen needs to know

An individual or a group of individuals can file a PIL directly in the Supreme Court of India if they feel that the government has undermined their interests. When such a situation arises, the Supreme Court upholds public good. A PIL is available to the people for securing public good. There is no statutory definition […]

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BLOG- Recognising Homosexuality in India

HOMOSEXUALITY in India – Ever since we got independent, the Indian judiciary approach to homosexuality in India has been unjustified. Whereat one end the court successfully established rule of law through series of judgement, the court has unsatisfyingly denied a significant population their right to equality. During that era 70s and 80s, the court became […]

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STATUS OF CHILDREN IN OUR SOCIETY WITH PROVISIONS OF CONSTITUTION India being the second largest populated country in the world has a huge number of children. The population of children in India is approximately 35 million of the total population. Poverty often cited as the most common ground for the violation of the rights of […]

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Shareholder's Agreement

V.B. Rangaraj v V.B. Gopalakrishnan AIR 1992 SC 453

Shareholder’s Agreement is the agreement made between the shareholders of the company among themselves. This case is related to validity of provisions of shareholder’s agreement which is in contravention to the Article of Association. ISSUE: The main question that falls for consideration in both the appeals is whether the shareholders can among themselves enter into […]

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