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The word adultery originates from the Latin word “adulterium”. Adultery is supposed to be a consensual sexual act between a married person and another person with an irrelevant marital status. It is prohibited by almost all religious groups, cultures and is considered as inexcusable on the basis of morality as well. Adultery according to the […]

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BLOG- Section 377 is unconstitutional: Homosexuality is Legal

Today is a historic day as Supreme court of India has given a judgement on section 377 and they declared it as illegal and made homosexuality legal. It’s a great win for gay people as now they can live in our society peacefully with heads up and they don’t have to hide it with people. […]

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BLOG- A Brief about what is Zero FIR and its NEED

Introduction What is Zero FIR-                        The increased rape case and missing cases of girls had led us to think that our existing legal system needs many amendments Zero FIR is one of them. A new provision of filing FIR against any person from anywhere was the stepping stone in the legal history but still […]

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Ground of Arrest

BLOG- Right to Know the Ground of Arrest under the Indian Constitution

Under Article 22, Clauses (1) and (2) of the Indian Constitution, a person who is arrested for any offence under the ordinary law has the following rights: The first of these rights is the right to be informed ‘as soon as may be’ of the ground of arrest. This is necessary to enable the arrested […]

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Euthanasia in India

BLOG- Euthanasia in India: A Brief

Introduction to Euthanasia in India Intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering is euthanasia. There are different laws for euthanasia in different countries and by this article, we aim at looking into its legal position in India. Euthanasia could be categorized in many ways. This includes voluntary, non-voluntary, involuntary, active as well as […]

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Zero FIR

BLOG- ZERO FIR: A Brief Overview

What is ZERO FIR? As per the Sec 154 of Criminal procedure Code, every Police officer is law-bound to register the First Information Report of any cognizable offence committed, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the offence was committed. When a cognizable offence is reported, the police officer registering the case forthwith starts the investigation, […]

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