BLOG- A Brief about what is Zero FIR and its NEED

Introduction What is Zero FIR-                        The increased rape case and missing cases of girls had led us to think that our existing legal system needs many amendments Zero FIR is one of them. A new provision of filing FIR against any person from anywhere was the stepping stone in the legal history but still […]

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Zero FIR

BLOG- ZERO FIR: A Brief Overview

What is ZERO FIR? As per the Sec 154 of Criminal procedure Code, every Police officer is law-bound to register the First Information Report of any cognizable offence committed, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the offence was committed. When a cognizable offence is reported, the police officer registering the case forthwith starts the investigation, […]

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Junior Legal Associates at Apollo Consultancy

JOB- Juniors in Criminal Litigation at Adv. Kushal Mor, Mumbai- Apply by April 25

ABOUT- There are job vacancies for Juniors Advocate at the Chamber of Adv. Kushal Mor, Mumbai for Criminal Litigation. Chamber of Adv. Kushal Mor deals with criminal matters- bail, trial under IPC, matters involving Economic Offences under PMLA, SEBI, etc. Candidates interested in above-mentioned areas and are ready to learn and practice criminal litigation at […]

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strict laws against snatching

HIGH COURT- Delhi HC asks Centre to introduce more strict laws against snatching

The Delhi HC on 20.03.2018 has requested that the Center demonstrate the move it has made on letters kept in touch with it by the Delhi Government for making statutory changes in the Indian Penal Code to join ‘grabbing’ as a particular offense with a stricter discipline to check the threat. A seat of Acting […]

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Gurugram Uber cab driver harasses

In Gurugram Uber Cab Driver Harasses and tries to Abduct a Woman

In Gurugram Uber Cab Driver Harasses and tries to Abduct a Woman- In a surprising incident, a person motion as Uber driver has been inactive for allegedly abducent and sexually harassing a girl. in a very statement free by Uber, it’s been expressed that they need initiated action against the driving force and are cooperating […]

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Gang Raped By Four Men

In a Horrifying incident a B.Sc. Student was Gang Raped By Four Men In Bhopal

Gang-Rape in Bhopal- In a horrifying incident, a 19year-old, B.Sc. student was gang-raped by four(4) men and left to die in Habibganj, Bhopal. The young lady survived the incident and tried to register a complaint in the police station but was refused, according to reports of News18. The lady asserted that she was raped by […]

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principles of torts

BLOG- Methodologies and Techniques for utilizing principles of torts in practical life

Tort means ‘to twist’ Tort Law is, for the most part, the most custom-based law that one investigation in a graduate school or in any field of law, however, the slightest precedent-based law that one makes a utilization of in a commonsense life. The term ‘tort’ is gotten from a Latin word “tortum” which signifies […]

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