Media Houses forcing resignation

HIGH COURT- Kerala HC decline to Stop Arrest Of Kerala Top Cop’s Daughter In Assault Case

The Kerala High court today declined to Arrest Of Kerala Top Cop’s Daughter in an ambush body of evidence recorded against her by a police driver. In her expectant safeguard supplication under the steady gaze of the Kerala High Court, the cop’s little girl had looked for a between time arrange till the last governing […]

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Caste Should Not Be Mentioned In Arrest Report

HIGH COURT- Caste Should Not Be Mentioned In Arrest Report

The Rajasthan High Court has requested that standing ought not to be specified in capture reminders and safeguard bonds, watching that character of an individual is known by parentage and not by the station. Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma noted in his request said that neither the CrPC nor the Constitution gives that a man is […]

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No tareek pe tareek anymore

SUPREME COURT- “No tareek pe tareek anymore”, sets 6 month expiry limit on stay orders

The Supreme Court on 28.03.2018 decided that stay arranges by courts will accompany a six-month lapse confine. The Bench while issuing the decision expressed that “Cure isn’t just required in debasement cases yet for all polite and criminal situations where by virtue of stay orders, common and criminal procedures are deferred.” The decision by the […]

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SC failed to address women's right to their bodies in 24-week Pregnancy Case

Supreme Court- SC removes ban from construction projects in Mumbai with rider of proper disposal of waste

The Supreme Court in its current request has expelled the boycott forced by Bombay High Court on new development of structures. Bombay High Court has prohibited development of many private and business extends in Mumbai on the ground of poor transfer of development and decimation squander. The pinnacle court allowed the development action on the […]

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