SUPREME COURT- On Monday will decide if Convicts in 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape Will Hang

The SC on Monday will decide on the appeal of four convicts in the 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape case about the capital punishment. The summit court had in May 2017 maintained capital punishment against the four in the 2012 case that shook the country. The Delhi High Court had granted Akshay, Pawan, Vinay Sharma and […]

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Zero FIR

BLOG- ZERO FIR: A Brief Overview

What is ZERO FIR? As per the Sec 154 of Criminal procedure Code, every Police officer is law-bound to register the First Information Report of any cognizable offence committed, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the offence was committed. When a cognizable offence is reported, the police officer registering the case forthwith starts the investigation, […]

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NEED FOR A UNIFORM CIVIL CODE- India is rich in culture, heritage, languages, castes, creed, and religions, and thus different sects of people act differently. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 governs marriage and divorce among Hindus. Marriage Ceremonies form an essential condition whereas registration is optional. It also covers divorce and maintenance. Succession among Hindus […]

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BLOG- Recognising Homosexuality in India

HOMOSEXUALITY in India – Ever since we got independent, Indian judiciary approach to homosexuality in India has been unjustified. Where at one end court successfully established rule of law through series of judgement, the court has unsatisfyingly denied a significant population their right to equality. During that era 70s and 80s, the court became the […]

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STATUS OF CHILDREN IN OUR SOCIETY WITH PROVISIONS OF CONSTITUTION India being the second largest populated country in the world has a huge number of children. The population of children in India is approximately 35 million of the total population. Poverty often cited as the most common ground for the violation of the rights of […]

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SC/ST Protests

Centre files review plea on SC’s ruling on SC/ST Act

Today, the Center filed a review petition against the judgement, of March 20, by a two- judge bench, justices A K Goel and U U Lalit, “diluted” the schedule caste/schedule tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act (SC/ST Act). The judgment banned the automatic arrest and registration of the criminal acts under the act.  Also, the accused […]

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Pregnancy Case

SUPREME COURT- SC failed to address women’s right to their bodies in 24-week Pregnancy Case

The Supreme Court’s request passed yesterday on account of “Ms X” v Union of India is a cop-out on a critical issue — the protected right of a lady to have self-rule over her own body with regards to a pregnancy. While it has enabled the applicant to end her pregnancy based on medicinal exhortation […]

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Patna High Court

Record made by Patna High Court: They announced verdicts on 62,061 cases out of the 63,070 cases within 7 months

History Made by Patna High Court The Patna High Court on Wednesday made a record as it declared decisions on 62,061 cases out of the 63,070 cases documented in just 7-and-a-half months. On November, it articulated judgments in 1,489 cases. A judge alone heard 300 cases and conveyed judgment on them. Patna High Court’s Chief […]

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ram mandir

Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid issue- Ayodhya Dispute Summary

What is the long-standing Ayodhya/Ram Mandir dispute all about? The Ayodhya dispute is a political, verifiable and socio-religious verbal confrontation in India, focused on a plot of land in the city of Ayodhya, situated in Faizabad locale, Uttar Pradesh. The primary issues rotate around access to a site generally respected among Hindus to be the […]

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Advocate Prashant Bhushan

Motivational and Inspiring Story of Advocate Prashant Bhushan

SPECIAL MENTION- We know many of you must have heard his name recently in the Coal Block de- allocation and as the member of the Aam Aadmi Party exposing many politicians and industrialists. But there is an interesting story behind this PIL crusader, the son of Senior Advocate Shanti Bhushan becoming an advocate. Who is Mr. Prashant Bhusan? Prashant Bhushan is […]

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