Muzaffarnagar Rape Case

Muzaffarnagar Rape Case- Dad, brother rape girl for eloping with lover, held

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Muzaffarnagar Rape Case- The father, sibling and two uncles of a 21-year-old have been captured in Muzaffarnagar for purported group assaulting her for eloping with a man. The lady and in addition her 32-year-old sweetheart, a father of three, are occupants of Dhaneda town.

They had stolen away twice in July and again in October, and the lady’s family twice recorded a snatching grievance with police.

The first run through, the man was let off by a court after the lady said she cleared out with him by decision. Following a moment case was recorded in October, she drew closer the Allahabad high court on November 2 claiming she was pack assaulted by her relatives at a nursing home and compelled to prematurely deliver.

On November 18, the HC requested an FIR against her dad Haakim, sibling Saabir and uncles Sameen and Aashu. They were captured on Monday. The four have been reserved under IPC Sections 376D (posse assault) and 313 (causing unsuccessful labour without lady’s assent), among others. The lady’s mom has guaranteed her better half and child are honest, saying her girl had made the claim “under (her sweetheart) Gayasuddin’s impact”.

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