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Media is considered as the fourth pillar of a Democracy and a free and independent media is very much required for a country who wants to rise and become successful. Great thinkers always said that pen and mic of media is the most powerful than any weapon.

 In India it has been seen in number of occasions that there arises a case in which there is so many conspiracy involved, big names involved in the case and people are always curious for the decision or for any kind of news related to that case. Media takes advantage of this and in order to increase their TRP and audience they starts accusing, blaming asking questions and even do a trial in their sets, media takes advantage because there is no such rule which can prevent or stop it from happening. Media trials has advantages and disadvantages sometimes it helps to people to decide what is right what is wrong and also helps sometimes to gather some evidence.


Impact of media is not on same level on every person some time it has good impact and sometimes it has bad impact in the society. Media sometimes discloses some facts which should have been kept as a secret and should had remained disclosed. Media is considered as a watchdog and let us the people know what is happening in the society but sometimes people get too much influenced from the media on the wrong or distorted facts presented by the media.

In recent case where CBI is investigating Rhea Chakroborty for the case of Shushant Singh Rajput Death case she being her girlfriend is being frequently interrogated by the police, CBI and media. I am not saying she is innocent or guilty neither has judiciary given any decision on this but as we can see most of the media channel have already declared her guilty and has asked so many questions from her and her family members that already many of the people in India believe that she is guilty for his death and are already blaming her and defaming her.

Media can target any person or any topic which can gather them more audience or can get them more TRP. Media also frequently targets politician in order to get TRP media also has targeted many high personalities.

Media affects the society in many ways it not only makes assumptions for them but also makes the society to take sides for whom they want to fight for or whom are they supporting. By dividing people or making them to choose sides will only divide the society and will create a tension and many other problems in the society which at last will lead to degrade the country and people living in it.


Now the Constitution has given freedom of expression in Article 19(1). On the other hand, Article 19(2) of the constitution empowers the state to put reasonable restrictions on freedom given by Article 19(1). Article 19(1) the right to hold opinions without any interference and the freedom to seek, receive, impart information, ideas of any kind regardless of the frontiers, either orally, or in writing, or in print, on in any form of art, or through any other media of the person’s choice. In certain cases, the Supreme Court of India has stated that trial by the press, electronic media, or any other way of public agitation are instances where they could be described as anti-thesis of the general rule of law leading to miscarriage of justice.

Under the contempt of court Acts, 1971, publications under free trials are sheltered against contempt proceedings. However, any publication which interferes with or obstructs or tends to obstruct any proceeding, be it civil or criminal, and the course of justice, which is actually a pending proceeding, constitutes the contempt of court. It has been termed as contempt because some of the acts which are published before the verdict given by the court, can mislead the public and affects the rights of the accused of a fair trial. Such kind of publications may be related to his previous convictions or the confession that he made in front of the police or merely character assassinations of the accused.

Every person has the right to get a fair trial and this is an absolute right given under Article 14, Article 19, Article 20, Article 21, and Article 22 of the constitution of India.


At the end we can say that Media has been going out of hand and has to be stopped or there has to be some board which should put restrictions or act as a governing body of the Media. People get easily influenced by the news shown by the media and people do not go into depth of it but tend to listen only that news which gives them satisfaction. People in India want some spicy news they always seek to that news channel which will give them that news. News channel takes advantage of this situation and influence the people of India. News channel some times over do some of its activities such as questioning the parties bring in some fake proofs, there are some of the things or information which should never have been disclosed or which should have never been come out which affects the condition of case or some how influences the case. Media trial should see listen to what they are doing and what they are doing is it right or wrong or should they investigate the situation. Media should regulate and have control over their news and should pay attention to what influence will it have in the society.

This blog is written by VAIBHAV PRAKASH

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