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It is a delight to share about “Know our Courts: Criminal Lawyering in Delhi”, a one-of-its-kind 7-day Virtual Training Program & Certification organized by MKA Legal, in collaboration with LAWGYSTIX Foundation, Kartavyam Trust, and The विवेकी Vikas Co.

From 24-30 Jan 2022, 5:30-7:30pm daily over Zoom, for 80 committed action-takers, there shall unfold a journey of wholesome learning about criminal advocacy, trial-court processes, and general legal awareness concerning Magistrate/Sessions Courts in Delhi.

With invaluable takeaways, this meticulously designed training by industry-experts & professionals, shall be most suitable to attend for law students, young lawyers, aspiring Prosecutors/Judges, Assistant Professors, NGO workers, fresh recruits to Delhi Police, and anyone else genuinely curious to know more about the theme.

Come, be a part of this unique endeavour by deciding to spread-the-word, and enrol for INR 700 only, before all the early-bird seats get filled by 20th Jan 2022!!!…

About the organizers

MKA Legal

Ø  MKA Legal (formerly, Manish Kumar and Associates) is a decade-old boutique law-firm registered in New Delhi.

Ø  Its practice-area majorly includes conventional litigation matters on the criminal & civil sides in the District Courts & Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

Ø  This particular training-program & certification was conceptualized by Partners at MKA Legal to spread specialized awareness about the processes & work at criminal courts…!

Lawgystix foundation

Ø  This is a unique law-learning and e-mentoring initiative based out of Delhi, and operational over virtual mode since Feb 2020.

Ø  It is a registered non-profit company running on a self-sustaining model, with a vision to infuse societal sensitivity in budding lawyers and aspiring Judges of India.

Ø  This training-program & certification has been supported by Team LAWGYSTIX so that it creates a bridge between law students/academia and the practitioners of law, hence leading to a possible industry-validation of ‘criminal lawyering skills’ of the program-trainees…!

Kartavyam trust

Ø  Kartavyam was established in 2001 and registered in May 2015.

Ø  It began with running food and clothing drives for the underprivileged in DelhiNCR, spreading awareness about social issues, and also protecting the rule of law in India through its recent endeavors in vocational development & empowerment of the youth, and promotion of legal literacy.

Ø  This particular program is another effort by Team Kartavyam to fill the gap between dreams and reality for many of those keenly inclined to satisfy their curiosities regarding criminal courts and/or making a career there…!

The विवेकी Vikas Co.

Ø  The VVC was formed in Nov 2021 by two professionals – one from engineering & management background, and the other from the legal domain.

Ø  This Haryana-based company operates in the soft-skill & image consultancy space, strongly believing in the power of upskilling for individuals & organizations, alike…!

About the program

Ø  7-day Virtual Training Program & Certification, titled- ‘Know our Courts: Criminal Lawyering in Delhi’

Ø  Scheduled to be held over Zoom at 5:30-7:30pm daily from 24 – 30 Jan 2022

Ø  Would be divided into 3 stages:

·         Basic

·         Intermediate

·         Advanced

Ø  Each such stage shall have 3 broad sub-components:

·         Theory

·         Practical Facets

·         Holistic Conclusion

Ø  Case-narration & experience-sharing method of delivery

Ø  Instruction-medium to be ‘Hinglish’, to suit majority

Ø  Format of dynamic session-moderation through Q&A


Ø  Insights and tips/hacks to be shared by the experts & industry-professionals

Ø  Aims to equip the attendees with the knowledge of:

·         Various processes peculiar to the Courts of Magistrates & Sessions in Delhi

·         Role & duties of a Defense Counsel, Prosecutor, & serving Police-Officer.


Ø  ‘First-of-its-kind’ low-bono efforts to spread legal awareness and lend conceptual-clarity in the minds of several:

·         Law students

·         Judiciary-aspirants

·         Young lawyers

·         Aspiring APPs

·         Assistant Professors

·         Fresh recruits of Police-Force

·         NGO-workers

regarding the criminal law-enforcement system at our Trial Courts in Delhi


Ø Session recordings shall be available to registered attendees, for repeat learning purposes.

Ø  For valuing the attendee’s investment & commitment, Certification shall be provided upon successful completion of the program.

Ø  Exposure to lifetime-lessons & field-insights into:

·         Ground-realities of Trial Courts

·         Myth-busting

Ø  Chance to learn, in a relatively small group of 80, all about criminal law advocacy and related court-processes from the comfort-of-homes

Ø  Program based on a:

·         Holistically conceptualized model

·         Structured-yet-flexible session-moderation format

·         Comprehensive program-design

Fee details

Ø  Fee for the entire 7-day training program & certification:

·         INR 700 for early-bird registrations from 15 to 20 Jan 2022

·         INR 1400 for regular enrolments from 21 to 24 Jan 2022

Ø  Limited seats for 80 only…!

Registration process

Ø  Fill & send this Google registration-form latest by noon of 24 Jan 2022:

Ø  Limited seats for 80 only…!


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