HIGH COURT- Kerala HC decline to Stop Arrest Of Kerala Top Cop’s Daughter In Assault Case

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The Kerala High court today declined to Arrest Of Kerala Top Cop’s Daughter in an ambush body of evidence recorded against her by a police driver.

In her expectant safeguard supplication under the steady gaze of the Kerala High Court, the cop’s little girl had looked for a between time arrange till the last governing over her application asking for security from capture. Her safeguard request will be heard next Thursday.

Dismissing the plea, the High Court said that the lady was “like some other individual” and that no exceptional benefit can be given to her.

A First Information Report or FIR has been recorded against the lady after a police driver grumbled that he was hit on the back of his neck by her with her versatile while she was coming back from her morning walk.

An FIR has likewise been documented against the driver in view of the protestation of the lady. In any case, the court has remained the capture of the police driver.


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