Kathua Rape Case

Kathua Rape Case- Bar Council Send 5-Member Panel To Kathua

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In the Kathua Rape Case, Bar Council of India (BCI) has appointed a team of 5 members to visit the Kathua city in Jammu and Kashmir and present a report about the instance of the assault of a minor young lady in the wake of looking for time from the Supreme Court on April 19, BCI President Manan Mishra said on Sunday.

The team will have previous BCI boss Tarun Agarwal, BCI Co-Chairmen S Prabakaran and Ramachandra G Shah, and individuals Razia Beig of the Bar Council of Uttarakhand and Naresh Dikshit, a promoter. They will visit the state and contact office-bearers of the Bar Associations of Jammu and Kathua and furthermore meet the influenced families and the average citizens to make sense of what really unfolded, Mr Mishra told correspondents here.

He said that the BCI in its Friday meeting had chosen to dispatch the group to Kathua on April 20. “I have conveyed this to the President of Bar Associations of Jammu and Kathua. I was given full confirmation of a prompt end to the legal counselors strike and of full collaboration to the meeting BCI group,” he said.

Kathua Rape Case

Mr Mishra asserted that the BCI was informed that the purpose for the legal counselors’ challenges in Jammu was not to guard the charged but rather were rather engaged against specific laws go by the Jammu and Kashmir government. Mr Mishra said if the board of trustees discovers offense with respect to the legal advisors, the BCI has the specialist to cross out the licenses of those engaged with making the debate and defaming the legitimate calling.

“In the event that a few outcasts, not related with the Bar Council, are engaged with making a debate, we will be unable to make a move against such people. Our locale is restricted to Bar Council individuals as it were. In the event that we discover them in charge of impeding the legitimate procedure, we will make a move against them by wiping out their enrollments forever or for restricted period,” he included.

The BCI boss said that the subsequent activity would be chosen once the group records its report. An eight-year-old Bakerwal young lady had disappeared on January 10 while touching stallions in Rasana backwoods in Kathua’s Hiranagar zone. Her body was discovered seven days after the fact. Police examinations uncovered she was held hostage inside a sanctuary, quieted and more than once assaulted before her murder.


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