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India’s Top Lawyers & their formula for success- Part 3 (Soli Sorabjee)

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India’s Top Lawyers (Soli Sorabjee) is popularly known as “the Brahmin without a sacred thread”. In a city where your success is measured by the size of your car and where even juniors flaunt their BMWs and Jaguars, Soli Sorabjee stands out like a sore thumb with his beaten down Maruti Esteem. Worse, Soli Sorabjee is opposed to lawyers charging high fees. “To charge Rs 30 to 40 lakh per day is nothing short of extortion. It is no excuse to say that the client can afford it”, Soli Sorabjee is reported to have said

Sorabjee is really of the old school. He is obviously inspired by H. M. Seervai, the great constitutional lawyer who, when asked what was the objection to charging high fees when clients are willing to pay and able to afford it, retorted “If a man is willing to be robbed, will you be a thief?

So, it is no surprise that Soli Sorabjee’s fees are amongst the lowest. At just Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs an appearance, he is literally a steal for when you are looking for an ‘A’ lister senior counsel to defend you.


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