How to prepare CLAT English

How to prepare CLAT English including comprehension

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What is asked?

As per the CLAT UG syllabus, the English section will comprise some passages of 450 words each. The content of the passage will be derived from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction writing. The standard of the passage will be of Class 12 level.

Each passage will be followed by some multiple choice questions, which the candidates will have to answer after reading the passage. Candidates must note that they have to answer the questions only from the passage, no prior knowledge of the content is required and all answers will be given in the passage only.

How to prepare CLAT English comprehension?

Comprehension sections are always about reading and analysis. Candidates must develop good reading skills. However, developing reading skills is not a thing that can be done within a few days. Candidates must plan their study timeline and refer to the right study material. The consistent practice is the key to success in CLAT.

Developing reading skills for CLAT English – What to study?

The best study materials for English including comprehension for CLAT are the newspapers. Candidates must read the daily newspaper in English language.

The best study materials newspaper, candidates must focus on the editorial sections. The editorial sections are the comprehensive material for English comprehension for CLAT. Read each of the sections carefully and try to understand and analyse the articles. Reading the newspaper will gradually help in developing good reading skills.

How to prepare CLAT English including comprehension

One good newspaper from the given options

  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express newspaper
  • The Telegraph
  • The Hindustan Times

Apart from the daily newspaper, the candidate should read the magazines such as Yojana, Kurukshtra and others.

Speed is important

Apart from the reading skills, it is also important to focus on speed. The English including comprehension for CLAT will have complex passages, so candidates should try to improve their speed of reading while understanding. With a good speed of reading, one can easily answer the questions within the tight time limits.

Before jumping into the questions, it is advisable to read the passage first, rather than just finding the answers randomly from the passage. This not only saves time, but also ensures that the answers given by the candidate are correct.

Develop good English grammar and vocabulary

Having good grammar skills are very important and fundamental for English comprehension. Candidates must refer to the basic grammar books and learn the basic grammar. Apart from grammar, vocabulary plays an important role in English with comprehension for CLAT. There will be direct questions from vocabulary, and thus one can easily secure marks with good vocabulary.

How to prepare for English comprehension for CLAT- Approach

With the right approach, the candidates can secure maximum marks from English with comprehension. The following approach can benefit the candidates while dealing with this section.

Read the complete passage carefully

The comprehension passage will have either some set of points and arguments or statements that support or counter the main point or theme of the passage- try to discern the main point. Every argument and statement hangs around the main theme.

Once you read the comprehension passage, move on to the question and read it carefully. Focus on keywords that change the meaning of the entire sentence. For example, you must focus on words like What, Which, Where, And, Or, But are the ones that change the meaning of the sentence to a great degree.

While answering the questions, candidates should read the all options and then decide which answer should be selected. Jumping on an answer in haste may increase the chances of incorrect answers which in turn would affect the overall marks of the candidate.





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