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The Hack is Back: An Invitation to Global Legal Hackathon

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We are organising a Global Legal Hackathon, India Qualifying Rounds , and it’s free! It’s for everyone- not just for programmers or lawyers but for anyone with a hint of ideas for a startup. The winners gets to go and compete in New York, USA. Mark you calendars for the weekend, 22-24 Feb, sign up with a group of three or alone (we will get a team for you), and come to Amity Law School, Noida, UP. It is a marathon of legal innovation ran through the intensive and cohesive work of lawyers- enthusiasts, IT-specialists, mentors and all those who work at the intersection of law and technologies.

Bringing the legal industry together with tech and innovation, world-wide, with one purpose: Rapid Development of solutions for improving the legal industry world-wide. The Global Legal Hackathon is a non-profit organization that brings together law schools, law firms and in-house departments, legal technology companies, governments, and service providers to innovation in the legal industry – across the globe. It brings together the best thinkers, doers and practitioners in law in support of a unified vision.

Ardent Legal (Advocates & Solicitors) in collaboration with Spaklin are proud to host India Legal Hackathon for the second time, which will be held in National Capital Region of India during February 21 and 22, 2019 as part of the Global Legal Hackathon , the largest legal hackathon in history that will take place in cities and countries all over the world, bringing the legal industry together with tech and innovation, world-wide, with one purpose: rapid development of solutions for improving the legal industry world-wide. The worldwide hackathon kicked off with India‟s 1st Legal Hackathon in Tel the National Capital Region of India, hosted by Ardent Legal (Advocates & Solicitors), in collaboration with Spaklin, and has signaled a new chapter in India‟s legal tech sector.

As the country‟s first legal hackathon, it has been featured on the main legal and financial news sources in India. We were also excited about the fact that Israel’s reputation as a world-renowned hub of innovation attracted much interest in the local hackathon on a global level. Nearly 100 people participated in the event, including contestants and mentors, who worked to create solutions to problems in the local legal industry. They had support from local technology vendors who provided technological platforms for the participants to build and develop their prototypes.

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