Contract Drafting Competition

Contract Drafting Competition 2019


The KPA Legal brings back the Contract Drafting Competition in association with Enhelion! In order to engage with the students of law in India to introduce and develop the art of modern legal drafting, especially contract drafting, we bring back the competition for 2019 as well.

At Kashyap Partners & Associates, we understand the ever-growing need for competent and efficient legal-drafting skills. No matter where a young lawyer goes in this world, good legal-drafting skills are not only appreciated – they are one of the defining factors for a lawyer.

This competition, like previous edition, strays from the generic competitions that law students are accustomed to. Here, statutes and judicial decisions – while relevant – are not the primary concern. Instead, much like the field of contract drafting, we focus on the skills of drafting and adapting to circumstance.

The subject matter of this year’s Contract Drafting Competition also provides the participants a unique opportunity to work in Patent Laws. Participants will have to address the legal challenges of their fictional client all the while being exposed to interesting and contemporary public policies. We believe this type of real-world patent exercise can help open the minds of future lawyers to new avenues of law and practice.

Important Dates: –

Registration closes: September 7, 2019
Last date for submission: September 17, 2019

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