principles of torts

BLOG- Methodologies and Techniques for utilizing principles of torts in practical life

Tort means ‘to twist’ Tort Law is, for the most part, the most custom-based law that one investigation in a graduate school or in any field of law, however, the slightest precedent-based law that one makes a utilization of in a commonsense life. The term ‘tort’ is gotten from a Latin word “tortum” which signifies […]

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vicarious liability

BLOG- Vicarious Liability

 Introduction ‘It is entirely appropriate that all businesses be responsible for the torts of their employees’. Tort law in India is a relatively new common law development supplemented by codifying statutes including statutes governing damages. While India generally follows the UK approach, there are certain differences which may indicate judicial activism, hence creating controversy. Tort is the breach of some duty independent of […]

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