Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking: Meaning, Types, Reasons and Legal Measures

Trafficking is a horrible crime in the world and child trafficking is one of them. According to a statement by the National Human Rights Commission of India, each year 40,000 children are kidnapped.[1]  Meaning: Child trafficking means any minor person who is unlawfully compelled, transferred, shifted and received by threats, force, and coercion or provoking […]

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Exceptions To The Offence Of Murder

Exceptions To The Offence Of Murder Under Section 300 Of IPC

Murder is one of the crucial crimes in society. The word ‘murder’ arises from the German term morth which means secret killing. It is the illegal killing of another person without a valid explanation, especially the illegitimate killing of another person with malice aforethought. In India, the Indian Penal Code, 1860 deals with murder. Murder under […]

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Sedition law-    The word ‘sedition’ means “conduct or speech that results in rebellion against the authority of the state”.  The Sedition Act, with section 124A of the IPC of 1860, is considered a reasonable restriction on freedom of speech. [1]It was drafted by Thomas Macaulay in 1870.   The following points describe the origins […]

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