Doctrine of Frustration

HC- Delhi HC held Doctrine of Frustration not applicable on Lease Agreements

In a recent judgement, Delhi High Court held that Doctrine of Frustration u/s 56 of Indian Contract Act is not applicable on Lease Agreements. The High Court judgement in the case Ramanand vs Dr Gireesh Soni is based on the precedent laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in various cases, in which SC held […]

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health care

SUPREME COURT- SC dismisses the plea of Paramparya Vaidyas (Right to life and proper health care)

Last week, the Supreme court of India subjected the right of practicing the medical profession under the ambit of Right to life and proper health care of patients. Keeping the view of not only the right of medical practitioners but also the right of life and proper health care people who need medical care and […]

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CGHS Cover

SUPREME COURT- CGHS Cover Applicable to Hospitals not on Government List

The Supreme Court while giving alleviation to more than 44 lakh present and resigned government workers and their families secured under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) said that repayment can’t be denied to them regardless of whether they got treatment in a doctor’s facility not enrolled under the arrangement. The Apex Court said “no […]

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clean Delhi

SUPREME COURT- SC says don’t politicise sealing drive, clean Delhi

On Monday, the Center educated Supreme Court that a move will be made against unapproved occupation and infringement on open boulevards, asphalts, trails, and streets. Such unlawful occupation will be expelled with the assistance of experts like DDA, NDMC, MCD, Delhi government or police. (CLean Delhi) On this, the zenith court educated the Center and […]

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legal services in India

Maintenance of Unmarried Adult Daughters: Bombay HC

The Bombay High Court, in Agnes Lily Irudaya v. Irudaya Kani Arsan, held that unmarried daughter though the attained majority is entitled to claim maintenance from the father. The substantial question of law raised before the court was whether a major daughter is entitled for maintenance under section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure […]

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