Should India Legalize Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies were one widely underestimated targets for investment in the late 2000s. Today, we hear many stories of common people turned millionaires because of their investment in a cryptocurrency. Let me tell you, most of the stories are true because cryptocurrencies have certainly created a marketing bubble due to it‘s reliability and ironically it’s unreliability and […]

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Shareholder's Agreement

V.B. Rangaraj v V.B. Gopalakrishnan AIR 1992 SC 453

Shareholder’s Agreement is the agreement made between the shareholders of the company among themselves. This case is related to validity of provisions of shareholder’s agreement which is in contravention to the Article of Association. ISSUE: The main question that falls for consideration in both the appeals is whether the shareholders can among themselves enter into […]

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preference shareholders

Preference Shareholders Vis-A-Vis Equity Shareholders and Creditors

Preference Shareholders are those shareholders who have a preference over the equity shareholders. The preference shareholders have a preference over equity in two ways. One is the preference in terms of dividend distribution out of profits of a company. The dividend is given to them before declaring a dividend for equity shareholders. The second preference […]

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limited liability partnership

Limited Liability Partnership-Is it quasi-partnership, quasi-corporation or sui generis?

Limited Liability Partnership basically means a kind of business entity which have the benefits of a limited liability corporation also, it have the flexibility and the less complicated internal structure of a partnership. Due to this distinct nature of LLP, it is neither governed under the Companies Act, 2013 nor governed under Partnership Act, 1932. […]

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article of association

Article of Association of Company – Its Amendment Procedure And Judicial Approach

Article of Association of Company is a document which is termed as the constitution of the company. The other document with the same position is Memorandum of Association. As per Companies Act, 2013, AOA governs the running of company. Also, it governs setting out voting rights of shareholders, conduct of shareholders’ and directors’ meetings, powers […]

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investor protection

SEBI’s Role In Investor Protection and The Challenges Ahead

SEBI’s establishment was in the year 1988 but were given statutory power in the year 1992.  The basic aim of SEBI was to protect the investors in securities. There a lot of fraud being committed in the securities market wherein the investor’s money was misused and therefore SEBI was formed. Herein we will discuss about […]

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