BLOG- Looking into Coercion under the Indian Contract Act, 1872

Coercion means forcing a person to enter into a contract. Under Sec. 15 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, any of the following act will amount to coercion: Committing an act forbidden by the IPC Threatening to commit an act forbidden by IPC Unlawful detaining of property of a person Threatening to detain the property […]

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Divorce by Mutual Consent

BLOG- What you need to know about Divorce by Mutual Consent

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 is the umbrella legislation governing all Hindus in India. Sec. 13-B of the act provides for Divorce by mutual consent which acts as a matrimonial remedy. In today’s era, with matrimonial conflicts on the rise, Divorce by mutual consent acts as the easiest remedy available. Divorce by mutual consent is […]

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