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Many cases of rape are not being reported because either of lack of awareness among the people or people are afraid to report the crime in the fear of what the society will say. Instead of worrying about their daughter that such an insane crime had taken place with their daughter parents are still worried about their fake reputation in society.

We are living in the 21st century but I think with passing by of time the respect, love that we use to give to women is decreasing. Once there was a time that for the respect of women war like Mahabharata was fought between the families only and nowadays even after being educated their no respect for women in hearts of people. We live in India where women are worshipped as a goddess in temples, houses but on the same hand, people treat their house women as slaves and commit crimes on them. Rape is one of the heinous crime that anybody can do.  But due to misconceptions of the people don’t exactly know what rape is?

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According to Section 375 of Indian Penal Code Rape is sexual intercourse with women against her will, or without her consent, by coercion, misrepresentation or fraud or when the consent was taken the women were intoxicated or of unsound mind or in any case when the girl is under 18 years of age.

According to surveys conducted in India it is found most of the rape committed by known ones this shows that in today’s time we cannot trust anybody the once who are responsible to keep their daughters, wives and sister safe are once who are their predator? But now the question arises why rapes happen and who is responsible for this? Lets now first address the first question that why rapes happen?

According to many interviews it is shown that rape happens because of girls i.e. they excite boys by wearing short clothes or when a girl moves alone at night it is like she is giving an invitation to boys! And this is not enough in many cases of rape it is found out that the boy who committed this crime and after hearing NO from the girl in the anger or to teach them a lesson they did that to a girl. These are statements given by men and women.  How women can say this about women?

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Being an Indian girl it is always expected from her to dress up properly in salwar- suit, keep our body covered all the time. India is country where we treat women as a goddess, where Maa Durga is a symbol of power, victory of good over evil and on the same hand we are not accepting the fact the girls can wear anything. How can we say that rapes happen because of clothes?

In another case of rape girl wearing a salwar suit now, I won’t ask those people now what was the fault of that girl she was behaving like a proper Girl. So now the questions arise are the length of clothes of girls are responsible for rape or it is the small thinking of men. Length of clothes has nothing to do with it’s the character of men. Now moving on to the second question why rapes happen?

It is because men of the Indian are living a double standard lives where on the one hand they represent themselves as supporters of females and on the same hand when they see females alone they attack them. What kind of world we all are living where parents don’t feel safe in sending their daughters out because the world is full of monsters. Living in the 21st century and the women are the most unsafe creature of nature at this time. Sometimes after reading the news related to rape the even our souls get freeze and now just imagine what pain that girl must have gone with whom this happened.

After seeing the intensity of this crime the government itself amended the laws and extended its punishment of this crime minimum 7 years to maximum life imprisonment along with fine. Punishing is important to set an example in front of society that no one shall be left out if anyone tries to harm the modesty of a woman but even after punishing those culprits does the life of the victim is normal, in some cases sometimes the victim even loses her life.

On one hand, boys take a pledge on Raksha Bandhan to protect their sister whole life but they commit a crime with other girls forgetting that they are also someone’s sister, daughter. Nothing can be changed if the mentality/ personality of the person is not changed from inside. Now is the time that we start questioning ourselves about these crimes and start re-routing ourselves.

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Since childhood we always taught girls to be limited, don’t do anything which they are not supposed to do, cut their wings so that they cannot fly but it’s the high time that we teach our boys to respect women. Make them such a person that even in a dark place a woman feels safe with them. Its time let girls fly in the sky without any fear and live their dreams. It’s time to teach our daughters to become so self-independent that in bad time they not only protect themselves but also teacher these monsters a lesson that a girl can be calm as ice but when it comes to her dignity she is like fire and can burn the entire world.

This blog is written by Pragya Sharma, Amity University.

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