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‘NEPOTISM’ the most common word that we are hearing nowadays. But before discussing anything that is exactly is nepotism? Nepotism in a general sense is favouritism granted to anyone in the field of politics, job, entertainment, business etc. Now the question arises to what extent does this evil practice has affected us?

Whenever at any place this evil practice is exercised and a deserving candidate is thrown out from the queue not only that person the other deserving candidates also lose their morale, that there no benefit in working hard for the organisation because at the end of the day only favouritism will happen and the persons who are not even capable of performing that job will get promoted.  Now is this only limited to companies or territory sector?

The answer is no the roots of this evil practice have spread in every possible direction. But do we can really are in the position of blaming others because the basic cause of this nepotism starts from our home only. Whenever there is a fight between two children the parents always prefer to take the side of that child who is smarter. Even in the school which is the most important thing of person’s life where the personality of a person is made nepotism occurs there very often, the teacher always prefers to her favourite students or other teacher’s child to perform certain tasks.

Now at the tender age, only children are well aware of the fact that whatever amount of hard work they do teacher will always prefer her favourite’s ones only. And like unshaped earthen pot, these children take their final shape in which is one of the most basic layers is that only a few get the chances. And from this, the practice of nepotism starts. There is no direction left out were branches of this practice have not taken place. Nepotism is nothing else just choosing people based on own one’s choice rather than choosing them on their talent/skills. Choosing people according to one will can even sometimes bring out the disastrous result, a recent example of this is that a famous Indian celebrity just committed suicide because he was mistreated by other celebrities.

We are not here to discuss the incident but the fact that just choosing people and then mistreating them can even affect somebody to that extent that people may end up by killing themselves. When the talented person who gives his time, life and everything towards anything and in the response of that if he doesn’t get any credit back he starts considering himself useless, he is not worth it and with all the disappointment in his heart people either loose all the motivation and start giving up or when they can’t bear the pain then kill themselves. Another heart-breaking story where also an innocent man also loses his life because of this evil practice.

Is being black a crime? Now the skin colour of somebody will decide that how the person will be treated. Being a black cost that person in end-up losing his life. But it’s now enough we have to stand united with each other against this evil practice and proof this to those immature people who encourage this evil practice that the time has come and this practice will have to come to end. Showing this courage only many people across the world supported those innocent people who lost their lives because of nepotism and demanded justice for them. Many people in anger also boycotted those people who were engaged in encouraging other people for nepotism. Showing anger and asking for justice is not enough.

It’s high time to break the chain of nepotism starting from ground level i.e. from childhood only a child should never be shown that only someone’s favourite will only be chosen, but instead of that a faith or believe in children should be developed that people are always chosen because of their skills/talent. Because these children are the future of any country. Moreover, its time that people have to change their mindset and give equal opportunity to everyone. Unless we change ourselves nothing will change.

This blog is written by Pragya Sharma, Amity University.

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