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In this article, we will try to tell you about how to find clients as a new lawyer?

Advocate and Client are part and parcel to every other within the bar. An advocate could be the simplest with his/her legal acumen but it’s impossible to practice without clients. Practising law and getting clients are two distinct skills. With an increasing number of lawyers, it’s difficult to urge the client as a replacement lawyer. Management of clients plays an important role in an advocate to possess an efficient practice.

Most of the law students who want to practice as an advocate in future, primarily specialise in their basics of the bar like extensive reading of law subjects and its application, researching skills, the way to present an argument within the court and have interaction in various internships. They often ignore the art of getting clients. It poses an issue to urge a client once they start practice.

Following ways can help to urge the first client as an Advocate (The list isn’t exhaustive):-

1. Get your contacts-

You should start making contacts when you are in the school of law, start your contacts database right this very minute. You should make contacts if you have been selected in PPO or are placed during a big firm, create this database as soon as possible. If you’ve got employment privately practice, you’ll need a contacts database right away; if you’ve got employment working for the govtyou’ll need your database eventually.

Enter the names of every single person you recognize – lawyers/judges you met during internships, your classmates/professors, school of law staff (who know who you are), members of clubs you belong to, your friends and your parents’ friends, neighbours, and other people you’ll know in other professions, like engineers, accountancy students etc.

Friends, family & relatives are going to be the primary referral to urge a client for an advocate. you’re best familiar with them. You’ll become the primary option they’ll refer if one among their friends or someone who needs an advocate. it’s essential to stay them updated about your activities through call or e-mail daily.

2. Join the Bar Association of your Court-

It is the primary thing for an advocate in his/her to-do list. you want to join the Bar Association of your court where you’re practising. it’s the place which will assist you in making connections and building relationships with other advocates and that they will get to understand you, your work and your ability within the profession. It plays a liaison role and eventually, this will cause mutual exchanges of clients all the time.

3. Public Speaking-

Advocate and Client have a fiduciary relationship, built on trust. the client must have trust in you. For this, credibility must be established. speechmaking is one great way to present you credible. Attending events and meet-ups provides you with a chance to seek out a client. Find events with a maximum number of audiences, and obtain involved thereinattempt to interact and hear them very carefully. Having patience and a good listener are two important qualities of an advocate. Clients often search for such qualities once they hire an advocate.

4. Social Media: a strong tool-

Social Media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., plays a pivotal role in an advocate in the promotion of practice and in getting clients. An advocate should make his/her social media accounts with a good description of the profile to succeed in our maximum people. Always keep updating and entertaining your contact lists with discussions, debates and suggestions. it’ll also provide a chance to your connections to urge interact with you. Paid Promotion on Social Media is differently to market yourself and to make sure your presence within the market.

5. Online Marketplaces and Platforms-

Nobody knows that you’re practising until you tell them. With the arrival of technology, online marketplaces and platforms provide an excellent opportunity to advocates in getting clients. Advocates, like other professionals, are liberal to advertise their services on the Internet. Advocates can mention in their chosen websites, their names, telephone numbers, e-mail ID, professional qualifications and area of specialisation. Adopt a custom e-mail ID with a custom name and a basic website and send this to all or any your contacts announcing that you’re open for hire.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-

SEO or program Optimization may be a process of techniques and methods to extend the number of tourists to an internet site by obtaining a high-ranking within the list of results of an enquiry engine. it’s very preferable to an Advocate to urge in top search of the list but it might be expensive. Let’s say you’ve expertise in IPR law or legal code and it’s mentioned within the website then with SEO, whenever a person looks for IPR or Criminal lawyer, your name or website are going to be within the top of the search list.

7. Blogging, Content Writing-

Writing content is one among the important qualities of an Advocate. Blogging is that the cheapest thanks to market you and attract potential clients. Research is that the very initiative within the bar. An advocate must specialise in legal writing and publishing articles. Upload free content and basic information to answer the queries of potential clients. Answer a series of questions that your client may ask and blog them out.

Your blogs can include both written content and videos. Upload videos of explaining the basics of the law, different subjects of law, discussing contemporary issues, etc. Keep a review/discussion forum on your blogs for better suggestions.

8. Attending conferences/MUN-

A senior friend of mine was very active and documented within the ‘MUN circle’ in my city. After attending many conferences and organizing some, he was given the chance to draft agreements for future MUNs happening within the city. Most MUNs are organized by schools/colleges but are conducted by a gaggle of individuals curious about organizing such events.

These groups of individuals would agree, drafted by my friend, with the school/colleges for providing space and accommodation to conduct a 3-day event. Another advantage to participating in such events is improvement publicly speaking and debate skills which are essential to a lawyer.


Join an association or group that’s presumably to contains potential clients. Ask your current clients what kind of associations or groups they’re a member of or what kind of meeting they are going to and join them. Then, volunteer to assist put together programs, events or any kind of activity that’s getting to cause you to visible and not a face within the crowd!

10. Creating Online Legal Advice Services-

In the growing world of technology and internet, the clients mostly search for legal solutions online. Legal chatting services, video conferencing services, e-mail lawyers, online legal documentation services, etc., can help an Advocate in attracting potential clients. it’ll save both time and money and far feasible for the client.

11. Commitment to your Profession-

Ethics and morality for the bar are extremely important. Everyone’s ideas and opinions should be respected. Clear together with your commitments to your clients. Maintain an honest relationship with them as they’re the simplest referral for an Advocate.


To conclude, it is often said that networking is far and away one among the foremost important belongings you can do get more and more clients albeit it’s very exhausting. But it’s also important to create your network outside the barthe important key to networking is to create a network with people outside of the law but within the targeted industry. Networking may be a lot like sales – it’s all a numbers pool. The more people you’ve got in your database the more likely you’re to seek out new clients.

Also, networking may be a future approach to gaining new business, just by being friendly and type and building a relationship. Thus, it is often said that getting your first client is all about the way to market yourself, market the talents that you simply have invested in yourself and having the ability to sell your services to the potential client.

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