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How to write an FIR?

An FIR has been an integral tool for the citizens of our country. Every year a countless number of crimes do take place some are reported and some are not. Where to report these? What is FIR and how to report and at the end of the article we will be seeing if any person if denied for an FIR then what to do? How to file an FIR?

FIR stands for First Information Report which is the written document by the police officer as provided by the person who is giving information about the committed crime in order to seek justice. The manner can be both oral and written. The information under section 154 of Cr.P.C is generally known as F.I.R.  F.I.R is just the first-hand information provided to the police for the investigation necessary that every statement of such person can be treated as an FIR and is not substantive evidence. It can be used only for limited purposes.

How to file an FIR normally?

The FIR which has been registered it must be in writing as well as the crux of that complain that has been filed must be entered in a book or case diary that has to be kept in the police station.

That the information must be recorded in the manner prescribed under Section 154 of the Code it has been clearly given that how and what manner the information provided to the police should be recorded and it should be done in that prescribed manner only. Like it requires the of time and date of the crime being committed and the identity of the committer etc.

How to file an FIR


When the FIR has been registered and complained has been filed. The complainant must take the copy of the FIR from the police and it is free of charge. And it is to be kept in mind FIR should be genuine as upon the FIR the police conducts the further investigation of the case and it finds that it is not genuine it can close the case investigation.

In the case, the police find any evidence supporting the maker’s statement, they have to file a charge sheet that is to be given in the court before the trial begins.

If any of police officer denies writing an FIR then the person can directly send the complaint to the superintendent of police under section 154 (3) of Crpc by post  and if he thinks fit then he can take himself investigate the case or direct further regarding the case.andif after that no one take any action regarding that then a person has all rights to directly approach Judicial Magistrate regarding issue of FIR and investigation of the case etc under Crpc section 156 (3) when read with section 190 of CrPC.

FIR can be filed online and also can also be done over the phone. If the police officer finds that it is cognizable offence then the FIR over the phone will be considered. After writing it down the police officer will read it over to the informant and take necessary actions.

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