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Introduction What is Zero FIR-

                       The increased rape case and missing cases of girls had led us to think that our existing legal system needs many amendments Zero FIR is one of them. A new provision of filing FIR against any person from anywhere was the stepping stone in the legal history but still many of us are not aware of the zero FIR.

It is very sad that our country’s capital is the most unsafe City for the women. Once the tragic incident took place people start protesting against that incident and the City start to burn with the question of the law and order. Seeing this situation is legal system had been amended with the procedure of zero FIR. This amendment was taken place after Nirbhaya case by Justice Verma committee. After the horrific situation of Delhi rape case, an amendment was made into the criminal law.

This amendment was made into FIR to set the motion of justice favouring the victim. The tragedy happens due to the lack of awareness among the people. Zero FIR is the provision which might help the victim to appeal for help without wasting time. Often, the victims are denied to file an FIR by the police authority as the crime has not taken under their jurisdiction.

            Before explaining concept zero FIR let us first know about FIR.

What is an FIR?

FIR stands for first information report it is a written document prepared by the police in point of time regarding to the commission of a cognizable offence that is given to the police and is recorded. It is defined under section 154 of CRPC.

This section states:

Information regarding the commission of a cognizable offence, if it is given orally to an officer in charge of the police shall be reduced in writing by him.

Where to register an FIR?

The territory of India is divided into the various police station that exercise jurisdiction over a place where the offence has allegedly been committed.

For example: If Pooja lost her mobile in turiya Ganj of Lucknow she can lodge an FIR in Kala Bazar Thana as comes in that jurisdiction.

Concept of zero FIR:

The main idea of amending the provision of FIR is to initiate the investigation and urge to the police to take quick action. When the victim files FIR and if it becomes Apparent that the crime was committed outside the jurisdiction of the police station the complaint is filed against the ’00’ that is if the crime occurs in other jurisdiction and its nearby police station lies in other jurisdiction than zero FIR can be filed. After lodging the zero FIR the complaint is transferred to the concerned police station. It is an applaudable effort which ensures that the investigation starts without wasting time. The greatest advantages that the victim is not compelled to run from here and there. If in any case, the police in charge refuse to lodge a complaint then the victim can directly write to SP then he can start his investigation.

Impact of Zero FIR:

The impact of zero FIR is seen under the very famous case of Asaram Bapu rape case where the crime took place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan but the complaint was filed in the Kamla Nagar police station, Delhi. After lodging the complaint in Delhi the FIR was transferred to Jodhpur and further investigation was made in jodhpurs.

Need of zero FIR:

as per the latest report, India is facing a horrific rape crisis it is very sad to say that 106 rape cases in which 4 in 10 are minor victims. The provision of zero FIR is very essential as it brings out the process of justice in a very efficient manner. Most of the cases are unresolved due to the lack of evidence as evidence is lost because of the wastage of time.


Presently  Zero FIR the greatest asset for everyone. Anyone can face crime anywhere as the crime rate is increasing very fastly. While travelling, walking, anywhere, unfortunately, you can face any type of any cognizable offence. For these unfortunate situations, Zero Fir is needed you can go to any police station and file an FIR. Zero FIR is very important provision for women also as harassment assault against them are also increasing with time. It is seen that the protector become the assaulter.

The Zero FIR is a jurisdiction free FIR. It was introduced to avoid the delay in filing the complaint. This provision was a very efficient provision as it might give justice to the victims who have faced a horrific situation. Zero FIR is still not known to many of us so it is the prime responsibility of our government to make people aware of the provisions amended by the law and order for helping the society. The government should start the campaign about awareness of the right given to people and also make them aware when to use their rights. ZERO FIR looks like a great concept in seeking a way to ameliorate criminal justice in a preliminary stage and finding the truth.

By Richa Saxena

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